Selected press quotes on TONY NAUMOVSKI’S portrayal of ‘C’ in WIDE AWAKE HEARTS

The cast is strong…Tony Naumovski as C has a pulse of humanity in him, and that automatically makes him sexier and more appealing”. – NEW YORK TIMES, LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES

Tony Naumovski acts the seductive Slavic brute as a type but finds depth in his remarkable monolog, his monolog is richly articulate, varied in language and rhythm, and anyhow, he’s just fun to watch.”-LET’S TALK OF-BROADWAY, YVONNE KORSHAK

a skilled cast craftily portrays Gall’s clever but wordy tale. Naumovski has the simmering sex appeal that C needs, but with a smooth nonchalance lightly blanketing his insecurity”. – CURTAIN UP, ELIZABETH AHLFORS

This well-acted, well-produced play offers a gut-wrenching peek into the downfall of two couples’ romantic relationships. Wide Awake Hearts is a strongly acted, stream-lined production that showcases honest moments of raw emotion laid bare by an immensely talented cast.” -THEATRE IS EASY, ADRIENNE URBANSKI

All four actors are top notch, embedding themselves in what portion of authenticity characters are allowed. Tension is maintained as players relate to one another with compelling focus. Sexual heat is palpable”. WOMAN AROUND TOWN ALIX COHEN

Fine acting by a quartet of intensely delivered performances, particularly Tony Naumovski who makes the actor a marvelously brooding and gently menacing figure.” – AMERICAN THEATER WEB, ANDY PROPST

Actor-C, a fine portrayal by Tony Naumovski”- THEATER PIZZAZZ CAROLE DI TOSTI

Under Stefan Dzeparoski’s direction, the four cast members give impeccable performances”- TALKING BROADWAY, HOWARD MILLER

Fine, well-balanced ensemble” THEATRE’S LEITER’S SIDE, SAMUEL L.LEITER

Tony Naumovski, C, his “confession-type” monologue will leave you chilled” NY THEATRE GUIDE, DIANDRA RIVERA

Under Stefan Dzeparoski’s skillful direction, this brilliant cast delivers a piercing and moving portrayal of the toll relationships can take and just how blurred the line between imagination and reality can get when dealing with the object of our affection”- THEATRE SCENE.NET, COURTNEY MARIE

cast members are equally skilled: Clea Alsip and Tony Naumovski work up a tense, passionate connection.” L&S ONLINE AMERICA DAVID BARBOUR

Character C – the actor apparently past his prime – is portrayed by Tony Naumovski with a sorrowful countenance and a splendid emptiness”- ONSTAGE, DAVID ROBERTS


..’a brilliantly-composed play…exceptionally well acted…Kentucky Cantata is a masterful work that is likely to stay with you for a long time after the final bows’. Howard Miller

“Tony Naumovski gives a masterful performance! …the noir framework made the play fresh, clear, relevant and fully illuminated. I understood elements of the story I had never thought of before”- E. Andrews

“I was surprised at how moved I was by the ending even though I know the story and knew what was coming. Tony [Naumovski] as Oedipus was brilliant! The shock on his face when he put all the pieces together was deeply affecting …the production made me think of what a gift it is to be blind to the tragedies of life that are awaiting us. This show is genius, the cast is stellar. I was in tears at the end.”Jeniffer Just

‘Everything about The Diamond Eater is a spectacular showcase of storytelling, both in the writing and the execution of it. The performances all feel natural and profound. Fleshing out the tale with stellar performances are Roselle, Kuttner, Naumovski, Wynn Harmon…’ Berkshire On Stage

… Superb, Stellar, Remarkable, Wonderful, Very Powerful, Incredible, Striking – are some of the words of the New York critics describing Mr. Naumovski’s and his colleagues performances in The Diamond Eater and Sawbones. C.C.Robbins

“The actors are all first-rate, but the scene-stealer is Naumovski (Joseph Stalin)” Robert Windeler, Back Stage

“A scene between Naumovski’s bloodthirsty future dictator and Jasicki’s dispirited spouse is the highlight of Final Analysis” Diane Snyder Time Out New York

“The exchange between Stalin (Tony Naumovski) and Alma (Elizabeth Jasicki) is one of the high points of the play” Carole Di Tosti BC NYC

“Joseph Stalin – a well-cast Tony Naumovski is delivering a menacing performance, brimming with class-driven sexual intrigue” Zachary Stewart Theater Mania

“Tony Naumovski as Stalin does not simply enter the action, he jumps into it with such energy and zeal, with such a sense of his character, that his scenes are remembered; they arouse laughter and are among the best in the performance” Maya Pramatarova Public Republic

Tony Naumovski is brilliant as Jocasta. Delicately eyeing the discovery proceedings as the gods clamour for the murderer of Lauis her suicide when the truth is revealed is completely credible. Berkshire Fine Arts Susan Hall

The performance of Tony Naumovski as Jocasta is in itself worth the visit.A masterful blend of ancient and modern. Off-Broadway Karen D’Onofrio

Naumovski, playing Russian émigré Filipp, almost stole the show with a hard-headed maleness. “Women! Like a Rubik’s Cube with a tissue box!” he ranted to big laughs. The Toronto Star-Mark Lepage CANADA

…vivid, grim, frightening, sometimes mesmerizing…The New York Times, Neil Genzlinger

…moves with jittery agility and precision. The New York Times Gia Kourlas

…engaging…Time Out New York Lee Magill

…The actors are all first-rate, but the scene-stealer is Naumovski Back Stage Robert Windeler

…standout performance… Back Stage Victor Gluck

…refreshing comedic relief… Show Business Carol Tang

…Intense and powerful…nytheatre, Saviana Stanescu

…funny, quite charming and passionate..nytheatre Richard Hinojosa

…energetic and well-grounded… nytheatre Saviana Stanescu

…wonderful… Ed Malin

…excellent… Ed Malin

…impressive especially…A Curtain Up Elyse Sommer

…dynamic and brought to life in a strikingly vivid and compelling way… W. Manus

…provocative and captivating…Broadway

…powerful…Brooklyn Daily News Ed Wilkinson

…charismatic and intriguing…fascinating…The Fab Marquee P.Wise

…passionately and chillingly effective…Theater Knights Tobi-Wan

…Stunning,Illuminating, excellent…Off-Off Online Adrienne Cea

…stunning… Yellow Spring News, Vanessa Query

powerful voice and movement..Yellow Springs News A.Zaremsky

…powerful and riveting … Cape Cod Theater On line, Kathi S. Driscoll

…a very moving actor with a bright future….Yediot Ahronot, ISRAEL

…fits the role perfectly…Helsingin Sanomat Suna Vuori, FINLAND

…powerful acting… Svenska Dagbladet, Lars Ring, SWEDEN

…distinguished by power and versatility of expression – Gandul Cristina Modrenau ROMANIA

…ecstatic, cheered by standing ovations…the incredible plasticity of his body put the audience on fire…Nosten Trud Svetoslav Pintev BULGARIA

…striking…put the theater on fire… Monitor Elena Petrova BULGARIA

…fantastic…Monitor Kristina Patraskova BULGARIA

…incredible…Nova Makedonija L.Mazova, MACEDONIA

…strong impressive character work with the plasticity of his expressiveness…Vecer C. Zojcevska MACEDONIA

…Great Work. I really admired it. Tom Oppenheim, Artistic Director, Stella Adler Studio of Acting

…Everyone there was struck with awe at how theatrical and beautiful it was. I was impressed Mauricio Busamante, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

…Fantastic and deeply moving…Monica Blaze Leavit – Professional Impact

…Engrossing…Aditi Mondle, Abraham Artists Entertainment Agent

I was impressed by the wonderful ensemble work and the production values. Daniel Banks, New York University

Naumovski’s work is of a high caliber and top notch’ Adam D. Jones Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute

Naumovski’s Hamlet is stunning and deeply moving…He has such a commanding presence of his body and powerful voice like an opera singer, He is simply amazing…Shouvik Mondle, Opera Singer

…terrific…hilarious….articulate- Walt play Journal

…incredible with charm that provokes laughter when he plays the polite clown. Allan Graubard writer-poet

…Mr. Naumovski’s character work is stunning and courageous and he exhibits a depth of emotional expression. He conveys inner strength and vulnerability simultaneously He has a rich gift for comedy and a deep, striking talent fro serious work…His very high intelligence allows him to interpret even the most difficult scripts with considerable depth. He also happens to be a marvelous physical actor, with his back flips and very creative physical characterizations, always well integrated into the style of the play… Robert Castle-Theater director, Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, New York City

…brought to the character an amazing technique and range, which at the end had the audience cheering his amazing performance.Jeremiah Jay Newton-Industry Liaison, New York University

…brought with an assured presence and a broad range of performance skills-singing, acrobatic work and a great sense of physicality, adding a new dimension to the company… Andrei Biziorek – Theatre director-Teacher The Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK

…an actor with highly developed skills-physically, vocally and intellectually…He is an extraordinary actor, a musician, a singer and a theater director…he has a director’s vision, a playful approach to developing ideas and concepts, a passion for collaboration, a strong visual and musical sense and the courage to be simple in his approach to developing theater language…Prof. Madeline Blackwell, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

…tremendous energy and enthusiasm…he performed at a level of excellence that I have not seen bettered in Sydney in recent times, with high self awareness and expert team work. Prof. Ken Healey, NIDA, Sydney, Australia

..embraces challenge with great energy and enthusiasm and his enquiring mind keeps him in a constant state of stimulation…Prof. Greame Rudd, TAFE, Sydney, Australia

…an actor with versatile qualities and distinctive creative individuality.Prof. Stefan Danailov National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

…distinct punctuality and precision in performance in a brilliant way…Prof.Dr. Bozidar Matanov, Vice Dean of the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

…charming and luxuriant internal world…an artist with proverbial intelligence, sensible and tender soul and an overwhelming sense humor. Prof. Ilia Dobrev- National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

…an actor with very rich histrionic capacity and always extremely varied in his stage appearance…Prof. Ivailo Hristov, National Academy fro Theater and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria