FROM HERE TO ETERNITY  novel by James Jones, Book by Donald Rice and Bill Oakes, Lyrics by Tim Rice, music by Stuart Brayson, directed and choreographed by Brett Smock at the Ogunquit Playhouse 

MY SWOLLEN FEET by Carrie C.Robbins, directed by Paul Dobie 

TWINS:THE LEGEND OF WOLVES AND MEN by Hristo Hristov, Martin Segal Center (READING)

OUR LADY FROM 121 st STREET by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Estelle Parsons, The Actors Studio


THE BIRDS by Conor McPherson dir. by Stefan Dzeparoski 59E59 Theaters 

ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN? by Eric Bently, dir. Handan Ozbilgin, Phoenix Theatre Ensemble (Workshop Production)

MY FAVORITE INDIGENTS by Carrie C.Robbins, dir. Paul Dobie, Bernie Wohl Arts Center

SEVERE CLEAR by Carrie C.Robbins, dir. Paul Dobie, Bernie Wohl Arts Center

DAVE AND GOLLY by Serge Hernandez dir. by Elizabeth Ruf ST MARKS CHURCH (READING) 

BINOCULARS by Serge Hernandez dir. by Elizabeth Ruf ST MARKS CHURCH (Workshop Production)

THE BACCHAE by Euripides, directed by Mark Greenfield, Musical direction by Tony Naumovski, LaMaMa ETC

WIDE AWAKE HEARTS by Brendan Gall, directed by Stefan Dzeparoski, at 59E59 Theatres, US PREMIERE 


LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes, directed by Mark Grenfield, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Musical director Tony Naumovski 

COULD YOU PLEASE LOOK INTO THE CAMERA? by Mohammed Al Attar, directed by Aktina Stathaki, (Between the Seas Festival), Theater Lab, US Premiere

KENTUCKY CANTATA by Paul Young, directed by Kathy MacGowan, HERE ARTS Center, World Premiere


O.REX directed by Gia Forakis, Inaugural production of GF&CO @ The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, NYC

ONE FLEW OVER THE KOSOVO THEATER by Jeton Neziraj, directed by Doug Howe, Between the Seas Festival, Reading, US PREMIERE

SAWBONES & THE DIAMOND EATER by Carrie Robbins, directed by Tazewell Thompson, HERE ARTS Center, WORLD PREMIERE

LISSABON by Zachary Karabashliev, directed by Hristo Hristov, LaMaMa in association with New Heritage Theater, produced by Voza Rivers, WORLD PREMIERE

FINAL ANALYSIS by Otho Eskin, directed by Ludovica Villar-Hauser, the Perishing Square Signature Center (The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater)

MARTYR’S STREET by Misha Shulman, Directed by Ian Morgan,THE FESTIVAL OF NEW JEWISH THEATER, Reading

THE LION IN WINTER directed by Tom Oppenheim, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, BENEFIT Reading for the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble

OEDIPUS REX A Brand New Translation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, by Mark Buchan & Gia Forakis, directed and Re-envisioned by GIA FORAKIS as a Greek-Noir classic. WORLD PREMIERE Reading

NUMBERS by Mar Gomez Glez,  Dir. by Tamilla Woodard, Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (US PREMIERE Reading)

18 % GRAY by Zachary Karabashliev, directed by Tony Naumovski, US PREMIERE Excerpt Reading

RED EMMA by Maxine Kern, directed by Judith Binus, Julia Miles Reading Room, Workshop Reading

MELOMAN by Michael Tisdale, Directed by Doug Wright , New YorkTheatre Workshop, Workshop Reading

OEDIPUS REX XX/XY by Sophocles, directed by Mark Greenfield, LaMaMa E.T.C. (First floor)

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS by Laura Pedersen, directed byLudovica Villar-Hauser, Roy Arias Theater Studio II, at The Midwinter Madness Short Plays Festival, WORLD PREMIERE

DON’T TAKE THE BRIDGE by Maya Pramatarova, directed byStavri Karamfilov, The Forth Street Theater, WORLD PREMIERE

LEAVE OF ABSENCE by Lucia Frangione, directed by Kathy MacGowan, Workshop Theater Company, US PREMIERE-Reading

PRICLESS by Saviana Stanescu, directed by Tamilla Woodard, at the New York Theatre Workshop – Workshop Reading

THE RADIANT LOVE OF MARIA S.C by Mimoza Ristova directed by Naum Panovski, WORLD PREMIERE Reading at the Library of Congress, Pickford Theater, Washington DC

THE ALLURING LITTLE SHOP by Radmila Adamova, directed byMarcy Arlin, US Premiere reading @ The Bohemian National Hall/Czech Center

JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS directed by Mark Greenfield, Summer Stage Festival NYC 2012

FINAL ANALYSIS directed by Ludovica Villar Hauser, June Havoc Theatre, Midtown International Theater Festival, WORLD PREMIERE

THE BEST OF THEATER WORKS: STORIES FROM THE 99%directed by Tamila Woodard at the Abingdon Theater Complex,
-Self Interest written by Eric Sposito
-Luxury Life written by Michael D.O’Hara
-Hypochondriac written by Gail Baskerville

WHO’S WHO by Juha Lethola and Kari Hotakainen, directed byKathleen Amshoff, at Scandinavia House, US PREMIERE – Reading

A RECLUSE AND HIS GUEST a short story by Tennessee Williams adapted for stage by the director Cosmin Chivu, dramaturg (Thomas Keith) and company. The Drama League Directors Project

MOMOTARO THE PEACH BOY a Traditional Japanese tale, directed by Kanako Hiyama, Japan Society

007 MADNESS ‘It Was a Dark and Dreary Night‘, by Maggie Bofill (Reading) directed by Maria Helan Lopez, Cherry Lane Theater Studio

MEDEA by Euripides directed by Gia Forakis [Workshop Production of GF&CO] JAVA HAUZ, NY

DON’T TAKE THE BRIDGE By Maiya Pramatarova, WORLD PREMIERE Workshop directed by Stavri Karamfilov, @ the Bulgarian Consulate General

SUICIDE BOMB by Virag Erdos, directed by Gwynn McDonald, US Premiere reading @ The Bohemian National Hall/Czech Center

ONE OUT OF TEN directed by Atkina Stathaki- US PREMIERE-Reading

LISSABON by Zachary Karabashliev, directed by Hristo Hristov,WORLD PREMIERE-reading

SOMETHING CLOUDY AND SOMETHING CLEAR by Tennessee Williams, directed by Cosmin Chivu featuring Lou Liberatore, at Province Town Tennessee Williams Festival

THE SEVEN AGAINST THEBES dir by Mark Greenfield at Summer Stage Festival 2011 NYC

BUTTERFLY a new musical play with book, music and lyrics by Michael Antin, directed by John Lant, musical direction by Lou Briggs produced by Write Act Eastside @ The Richmond Shepard Theater

THREE GRACES libretto and lyrics by Ruth Margraff, music by Nikos Brisco-directed by Marcy Arlin.  WORLD PREMIERE at the 2011 Ice Factory Festival

ELEKTRA by Sophocles Adapted and Translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker-directed by OLYMPIA DUKAKIS (workshop) Red Beans Studios

PERSIANS by Aeschylus a new translation by Aaron Poochigian, [Workshop Theater’s festival ‘They Have Borne The Battle’] Directed by Mark Greenfield, reading-WORLD PREMIERE

PURGE directed by Zishan Ugurlu, by Sofi Oksanen. LaMaMa ETC and Actors Without Borders, US PREMIERE

PANIC – MEN IN THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, directed by Zishan Ugurlu, by Mika Myllyaho. LaMaMa ETC and Actors Without Borders-ITONY, reading – US PREMIERE

HAPPY TO STAND, directed by Mikko Viherjuuri, by Sirkku Peltola, LaMaMa ETC and Actors Without Borders-ITONY, reading – US PREMIERE

STOCKROOM- directed by Mikko Vihejuuri, by Arto Salminen, LaMaMa ETC and Actors Without Borders ITONY, reading- US PREMIERE

INTERGALACTIC INVASION directed by Lioba Reckfort, [The Internationalists], part of the 24 hours festival around the world, New York-Berlin collaboration WORLD PREMIERE

LOCUSTS directed by Ana Margineanu, US Premiere reading at CUNY, (International World Theater)
OEDIPUS REX directed by Mark Greenfield-Faux Real Theater Company, St. Mark’s Theater 80

OD@C based on the ‘Odyssey’ directed by Jake Witlen [The Internationalists], WORLD PREMIERE

[THE] OPHELIA LANDSCAPE Directed and conceived by Naum Panovski-Artistic Director of Poiesis Theatre Project – Mark Morris Dance Center – WORLD PREMIERE

MYSTICA dir. Alexander Ristov Stella Adler Studio (VOICE)

PAINKILLERS dir. Sanja Bestic; Theater Row – Lion Theater (World Tree Productions) US PREMIERE

TONGUE TIED AND DUTY FREE dir. Kim Weild; The New Dramatists,reading

REAL ANDROMACA dir. Gisela Cardenas; HotInk Festival, reading US PREMIERE


CROSSINGS dir. Michael S. Wamser and Amy Barrow; Stages on the Sound, WORLD PREMIERE

BABY TALK 2058 dir. Linda Burson; The Instant Theater Festival-WORLD PREMIERE

MARKO THE PRINCE dir. Marcy Arlin; The Barrow Group Theater,Immigrants Theater Project- WORLD PREMIERE

POOM 2 dir. Yoshiko Chuma; Japan Society (School of Hard Knocks)WORLD PREMIERE

THE BEAUTY PROJECT dir. Sabina Varjaca; SITI Company, readingUS PREMIERE

WOMAN BOMB dir. Caroline McGee; HotInk Festival- reading – US PREMIERE

WELLSPRING 2007 dir. Elyse Singer; Hourglass Group, Chocolate Factory- workshop production
URGE dir. Jeff Horne; Spring Theater Works US PREMIERE

ALIENS WITH EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES dir. Daniella Topol at Woman Project (Reading)

‘ENDS EVE’ THE FEAST OF 2012 dir. Erick Slavin; NY Fringe Festival 2007 WORLD PREMIERE-Best Ensemble award

WAXING WEST dir. Benjamin Mosse; LaMaMa Theater, East Coast Artists-Richard Schecnner prod. INNOVATIVE THEATER AWARD for best play

EDEN dir. Marina Shron; Chashama, reading

HERESY dir. Marcy Arlin; HERE Art Center, Immigrants Theater Project US PREMIERE

PROGRESS dir Ian Morgan; HERE Art Center, Immigrants Theater Projects  US PREMIERE

THE LAST JEW IN EUROPE dir.Tuvia Tenenbom, Jewish Theater of New York, Reading

RETZACH dir. Shauna Kanter; 59E59 Theaters, Voice Theater US PREMIERE

WELLSPRING dir. Elyse Singer; Hourglass Group, workshop production

HAMLET dir. Kanako Hiyama; La MaMa Theater

BOUND EAST FOR CARDIFF dir. Alyssa Chase; The Theater Studio, NYC

VOICES OF THE WIND dir. Katie Takahashi; NY Fringe Festival 2005 – WORLD PREMIERE

THE NINJA PROJECT dir. Katie Takahashi; Chashama

BIG HANDS FRIED CHICKEN dir. Elizabeth; Blue Heron Theater -WORLD PREMIERE


SKINS dir. Kathryn Moller; LaMaMa Theater WORLD PREMIERE

ON BEING EMPEROR dir. Adam Jones; The Theater Studio, NYC

THE BEAR dir. Steve Smith; The Lee Strasberg Institute, NYC

THE JOB dir. George Loros; The Lee Strasberg Institute, NYC

SIBLINGS dir. Robert Castle; The Lee Strasberg Institute, NYC

HOPE dir. Alex Ferriera; The Lee Strasberg Institute, NYC

YURODIVI dir. Andrei Bizioek; The Seymour Center, Sydney, Australia – WORLD PREMIERE

CITY OF ANGELS dir. Jane Miskovic; Sydney Youth Musical Theater, Australia

EDNA dir. Andrej Avramov; Theater 199, Sofia, Bulgaria – BG PREMIERE

LOVE IN KRIM dir. Oleg Ribkin; Bulgarian National Satirical Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria – BG PREMIERE

THE BETROTHAL dir. Marius Kurkinski; Bulgarian National Satirical Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria – BG PREMIERE

SULUNSKITE SEZAKLIATNICI dir. Ivan Nalbantov; Bulgarian National Satirical Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria

GUN POWDER KEG dir. Ivajlo Hristov; NATFIZ, Sofia, Bulgaria  – BG PREMIERE

HUNGER FOR CHERIES dir. Ilija Dobrev; NATFIZ, Sofia, Bulgaria

HOUSE OVERLOOKING THE FIELD dir. Stefan Danailov; NATFIZ, Sofia, Bulgaria

DEKAMERON dir. Sasho Morfov; Macedonian National Theater of Bitola, Ohrid International Theater Festival, Macedonia – MK PREMIERE

KOLEDA dir. Siana Tarkoleva; Bulgarian National Theater ‘Teatar na Armijata’, Sofia, Bulgaria

ROMEO AND JULIET dir. Ljupco Georgievski; Macedonian National Theater of Bitola

UBISHKA dir. Maja Dimitrovska; The Culture House of Bitola, Macedonia